Word of Mouth in Marketing

What is Word of Mouth in Marketing?

Word of mouth is like a virus. It spreads from one person to another. When people interact with each other they used to tell about their recent experiences. It can be visiting a famous hotel or food that a restaurant. What if that hotel and restaurant that they are talking about can be yours. Word of Mouth help in building a strong marketing strategy without spending on advertisements. For example- Apple does not advertise its products because of mouth marketing.

As everyone is talking about Covid these days what if everyone talks about your product like this?

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How to get the catchy thing on? People don’t get customers even after pouring money into marketing and advertisements.

Here are some of the strategies to spread your product like a virus-

Strategies for How to do Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Social Currency

People care about how they look to others. People post stories on their social media platforms whenever they visit an expensive place.

People love to share things that enhance their status symbol. They feel it like an achievement.
Social currency can be a unique cafe, new gym, vintage movie, or an expensive restaurant.

The author shared the example of Kitkat, In 2007, The sales of Kitkat keeps on declining year by year. They desperately need an effective marketing campaign. The marketers of the company added a common trend of coffee in it to connect coffee with Kitkat, and many consumers consumed it in combination with a hot beverage. 
Marketers found two things- Consumers often ate Kitkats to take a break. Whenever someone drinks a coffee, it will remind them of Kitkat. They together described as “Break’s best friend”. Hence, the sales of Kitkat increased by 33%.

2. Triggers

Triggers are the things that we felt the most and keep thinking about it. Different things trigger different peoples. You need to find the triggers of your customer. For example- An inspirational story of a person who won 3 gold medals with a broken leg is a trigger for an athlete to work much harder. Songs are the best examples of Triggers. 

Companies use commercial advertisements as triggers. For example-
(1) Cadbury Celebration advertisements during festivals are triggers for people to buy chocolates.
(2) Using closeup toothpaste on the day you are going on a date with the loved ones.


The more, the intensity of emotion the more we share. One of the emotions is the world cup winning six hitten by MS Dhoni is an intensive Emotion that will be remembered forever. 

The six sixes in an over hitten by Yuvraj Singh remembered every year or during the t20 world cups.

Some products connect with people’s emotions more than their monetary value. For example, some people still use DVDs and CDs to listen to the music due to their emotions connected to old technology.


Our decisions are affected by what everyone else around us is doing. How many times you observe that people posting similar stories at a particular place. This is because of the trend that everyone is doing the same thing. Similarly, posting a story about watching a movie in a cinema hall is like a trend these days.

You can make a product viral by presenting trends from different perspectives. For example- doing something unique at a famous place may become a new trend and hence it will become viral. (Something like the Kitkat example given above).
This decision may affect people to start a new trend with your product.

5.Practical Values

People compare everything with the utilities they get in that particular thing. If people feel that the product will really benefit others then people will surely share that information with their friends and family for sure.
Make something that provides value in other’s life. The things that provide value in other’s life are solutions to their problems. Solutions can be in form of stress reliever(comedy), Inspirational(motivational), etc.


We can learn easily from stories. When people visualize things then it remains in their minds for a long period of time.

Analyze whether your product can be part of a story or not. For example- In the advertisement, The marketers show how yummy Maggi is as a finished product. In that advertisement, they show all the utilities of Maggi but in form of a household story which may attract the households to buy Maggi automatically. 

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