Is Bizgurukul fake? Yes, exposed with proofs

Bizgurukul is a fake company because it has a fake business plan and its agents show fake dreams. Bizgurukul is an affiliate marketing course-selling company.

There is no learning regarding selling courses through marketing strategies. Their learning is just to spread the Bizgurukul scheme on social media and attract people by manipulation.

Bizgurukul agents keep on sharing other’s earning or fake earnings. If you ask for earning proofs then they will share Paytm credit screenshots by hiding their mobile number. Therefore, it is very obvious that it is not their own earnings.

Bizgurukul agents state themselves as a business. Bizgurukul is not a business , it is a sales job. Even Bizgurukul mentions on their homepage that “start your own Business”.

Every affiliate marketing program is a sales job until you are doing Digital Maketing+ Affiliate Marketing (not in Bizgurukul). Sharing stories on Whatsapp and Instagram about how to get rich is not Digital marketing. Doing one-to-one conversations is not digital marketing it’s sales.

Bizgurukul tagline is learning with earning but they are giving you learning about showing fake lifestyles and fake screenshots.  

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Bizgurukul Business Plan and Model

Bizgurukul’s business plan and model is designed to grab the attention of students but their courses will not provide you the best quality services and practical learning. 

They will not teach you the whole process of making a website. They just made courses that are not even worth watching. Watching Bizgurukul courses is a wastage of time. They will just you learning session about selling, sales and social media promotion.

Taking about the Bizgurukul scheme then there are free alternatives available in the market. I will talk about all the free course selling affiliate programs. Their courses are intended to promote their scheme. Bizgurukul is training you to sell their courses which are not worth it.

How many people from Bizgurukul started their own website?  How many people from Bizgurukul become freelancers? How many people from Bizgurukul even learned a skill instead of promoting a shitty course on Social Media.

The owner used a very great strategy after observing the boom in the affiliate marketing industry. But all the affiliate marketing programs are free of cost but Bizgurukul introduced a paid affiliate marketing program and they are selling courses that attract people to sell more and more of their courses. 

As selling courses have a huge profit margin so big companies spend millions of rupees on marketing but Bizgurukul gets it marketing free because of its stupid agents.

Bizgurukul does not care about your personal growth. I can surely say that if Bizgurukul does not change the quality of its courses then Bizgurukul will shut down in a few years. 


1. Value of Bizgurukul Courses

Bizgurukul courses do not value for money. You can easily get premium courses for free of cost or at a very less price on Youtube, Udemy and Coursera.

We know that there is a very high commission on selling online courses. Companies like BYJU invest millions of rupees on marketing their courses and BYJU’s have a good operational team as well.

If you are a student then sorry to say but Bizgurukul is not at all worth it.

They are giving commission because there is no expense on operations and marketing. There is no support for course feedback. Another aspect is that there is only 1-time commission. There is no guider for problems and queries regarding the course. 

Bizgurukul is not focusing on giving free trail for their courses. Even they are not providing a sample lecture. 

They claim that that are giving digital marketing courses worth rupees 45000 for a very small amount but Google itself is offering free digital marketing courses.

Digital Marketing demands initial investment so people are ready to teach it for free because they will get referral commission on domains and hosting from the students.


2. Free Course-selling Affiliate programs are available in the market

There are free course-selling affiliate programs available in the market with a similar amount of commissions. If you want to sell courses then Cuelinks is a platform in which you will get affiliate programs of branded course-selling companies like Udemy, Coursera, Edureka and Fiverr learn.

I have 1 more opportunity better than every program which is totally free of cost. Cashkaro is an App/Website in which you can earn cash just by doing online shopping and online Recharge. You can earn cashback from any shopping website like Amazon, Zomato, Ajio, Flipkart. 

You will get every big website on the Cashkaro App/website. This will save your storage. There is no need to keep Amazon App and Zomato App after installing Cashkaro. Cashkaro is funded by Ratan Tata. 

The best part is that Cashkaro has a referral system in which you can earn a 10% lifetime commission from the people who used your link to join Cashkaro. There is no investment required so what are you waiting for join Cashkaro and earn Cash every month.

3. Bizgurukul is not a source of Passive Income

Passive Income meaning that you will earn a recurring commission every month. If you leave the work for 1 month then also you will be paid for people you added by referring to your link.

In Bizgurukul, It is possible that you can earn 10,000 rupees money in the first month but 0 rupees in the next month. Your earning is dependent upon your efforts every month. If you will not be able to convert people then you will be awarded nothing. 

Bizgurukul is even worse than other network marketing companies. In other Network Marketing companies, atleast there is a 1% chance to become successful but in this paid affiliate marketing program it is not possible to have a stable earning.

I mean thick rationally that you can’t sell course your whole life. There is will be times when you will be frustrated with Bizgurukul.

The best passive income source is Cashkaro. You should try this because it is free of cost and there is nothing to lose. 

Bizgurukul just added the twist that they are selling courses that will help in gaining skills but they are training you to just share their scheme. Even their courses are designed to promote their scheme. I am covering this thing in detail in the next point.

Do you ever think about a career other than Bizgurukul because Bizgurukul will not give you commission in the month in which you sell nothing.

You can’t do Bizgurukul your whole life. You have to gain skills other than social media promotion. Infact in Bizgurukul, you are doing manipulation not social media promotion.

Infact a Job is better than these fake schemes of Bizgurukul.


4. Bizgurukul’s intent is to sell the Scheme not the product

You can check Bizgurukul’s homepage, they are just talking about how to earn money 1 lakh rupees per month. There is no mention of the quality of courses, I checked the courses, most of them are related to promoting their scheme. 

For example- In their messenger marketing course they will teach you to randomly approach people and show them dreams of earning at a very small age. There is no need for this course. 

In an English-speaking course, they are giving basic knowledge about tenses which you can find on Youtube with the best guidance.

The best quality courses are already available on Youtube, Udemy and Coursera.

If a company genuinely want to sell courses then they will provide free trials or lectures. There is just one video on their homepage stating how to earn 1 lakh rupees per month. Their intent is clear that they just want to sell the scheme courses is just a medium to grab the attention of people.


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People feature the uniqueness of their courses but Bizgurukul only highlights earnings which is 100% not their real income. Always ask for payment proof of the same highly shown income with their mobile number on Paytm. 

The most annoying part is that if we ask them questions regarding Bizgurukul worthiness and bank statement of their income proof then Bizgurukul agents give us the tag of “unsuccessful people” and we are wasting their time etc. Bizgurukul agents themselves approached us and they are telling us that we are wasting their time. 

Bizgurukul also use lines like few slots left but they want everyone to join their course.

They have a script prepared for every question. Bizgurukul agents are like robots, they speak according to their scripts. This is the learning that they got as a parting of their skills in their courses. 

Triggers used by Bizgurukul Agents-
  1. Learning with earning (Learning to manipulate others on Social Media)
  2. Atleast we are supporting our family (by wasting their money in bizgurukul)
  3. Earning 1 lakh rupees in just 20 days (never shared the bank statement as proof)
  4. Gifted by parents Mobile Phone (waiting for you to gift them BMW)
  5. You are Getting certificate of Digital Marketing ( Digital marketing means sharing 5 stories everyday on whatsapp and Instagram about a scam scheme)
  6. Personality Development Course given me confidence to talk to strangers (showing fake Lifestyle as your personality)

5. Very less commission per customer

If you are able to convert 10 customers then your commission will be just 20,000-30,000 rupees.

There is also segregation of commission on basis of money you wasted in bizgurukul. Bizgurukul have 3 types of courses-

  1. Gold (5,000 rupees)
  2.  Sapphire ( 9,000 rupees)
  3. Platinum (15,000 rupees)

If you opt for the Gold course then you will get a commission of 2,000 rupees on every sales regardless the fact that you sell Sapphire course or Platinum course.

But if you opt for the Platinum course then you will get different commission on every sales-
On Gold- 2,000 rupees
On Sapphire- 4,000 rupees
On Platinum- 7,000 rupees

The intent is clear that the company want you to purchase the most expensive course to get high affiliate commission. 

Bizgurukul fake

The interesting fact is that Bizgurukul recently increased its price but this is just to make people fool. Bizgurukul just introduced a refferal code system so that their agents can show infront of the people that the price of the courses is very high. 

But if you use our refferal code then you will get a heavy discount. This discount offer will never end in Bizgurukul. This is just to show that their business is going will so they are increasing their price.

The price of Bizgurukul courses will never increase due to its course quality and most of the people join it because of its affiliate program. 

If the product of the company is not good then the company will definely fail.

My final words is that Bizgurukul is a scam because their intent is not to provide value by giving good quality courses. Their intent is just to promote their affiliate programs as much as they can. Bizgurukul is like a “member jodo company with very less commission”

Bizgurukul FAQ

What exactly is Bizgurukul?

Bizgurukul is a paid affiliate marketing program. People say that Bizgurukul is network marketing because most of the affiliate marketing programs are free of cost.

Bizgurukul intent is to add more and more people into their affiliate network rather than improving the quality of their courses.

Their intent is to sell the scheme rather than the products just like a typical network marketing company.

Is Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Program Safe?

Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing Program is totally safe but it is not a good investment.
Bizgurukul is like a Sales job in which the product is bad and you can’t do it in long run.

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