Is MI Lifestyle fake? Yes, product Review with proof

MI Lifestyle is a legal company but it’s fake due to the fake network marketing business model and fake dreams shown by its agents. MI Lifestyle is selling very expensive products and giving its agents a very less commission on it.

It takes a minimum of 5 years to be successful in this business model. Also, success is not guaranteed because it’s totally dependent upon the no. of people you are adding to this company. I’ll explain the reason in detail in this blog.

Even a job is a 100 times better option than Network Marketing and MI lifestyle. Network Marketing agents are blind devotees of their companies.

Infact, most of the agents show people just the business plan without telling them about the price, quality and exact commission of the products.

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MI Lifestyle Business Model

MI Lifestyle was started just 8 years ago on 14 March 2013, still, almost every MLM enthusiast knows about the company. The off papers owner of MI Lifestyle (Pravin Chandan) earlier running RMP company which was later declared as a fraud. Then, he started the MI lifestyle global private limited.

MI Lifestyle majorly offers 4 types of products are Home Care Products, Personal Care Products, Agro Care Products, and Personal Care Products.

But this doesn’t matter because MI lifestyle agents will majorly talk about the business opportunity rather than showing the utilities of the products. The products review of the MI lifestyle products is given below. The complete reason that why you should not join MI Lifestyle company is-

MI Lifestyle Products are Expensive

If there is no advertising and middleman involved in this business then why the price of the MI Lifestyle product is very much higher than the market price?

The company provides upto 20% discount which is treated as an income in this company. Even after a 20% discount, the price of the products is very expensive than the market price of the best brands.

2021 09 08 2 min
MI Lifestyle ToothPaste price is 150 rupees/150 gm
2021 08 01 4 min
Colgate’s price is 55% less than MI Lifestyle toothpaste i.e.- 90 rupees/200 gm
2021 09 08 3 min
MI Lifestyle Shampoo Price is 315 rupees for 200ml
2021 09 08 5 min
Best Brands Shampoo price is 55-60% less than the MI Lifestyle Elements Shampoo

MI Lifestyle is giving extremely low commission

You can definitely earn commission from MI Lifestyle but the commission is only around 2% only. Also, you are selling expensive products so it is very difficult to convince clients to purchase the products.

To start your Sales Turnover income with MI Lifestyle, you have to sell products of 25,000 rupees to generate a commission of only 600 rupees. The commission in MI Lifestyle is calculated as 100 rupees= 75 BV. So you have to generate

MI lifestyle is not a permanent source of passive income because if you force someone to join this business then that person will definitely leave after 1-2 months.

If people do not regularly buy products then your income is not stable in this business. In fact, this is not a business. For me, it is a Sales job in which agents manipulate innocent people to take their money.

MI Lifestyle agents are showing fake dreams

The motivational factor of Network Marketing agents are luxury cars, bungalows and international trips. The reality is that it is very difficult for agents to reach that mark. There are a maximum of 2-3 people in every company who have these luxuries but 99.99% of people fail

The intent of the agents is just to get your 7500 rupees money which the agents called as a registration amount. According to Indian Direct Selling Rules, it is illegal to make money in network marketing on the basis of registration fees.

Many people know that Network Marketing is not a successful industry so they avoid people who are blind followers of Network Marketing. This will impact your personal relationships with friends and family.

So, It is a kind request that people do not fall into this trap otherwise you will waste your precious time and relationships.

The quality of the product is not satisfactory

The quality of MI Lifestyle products is okay-ish. But if we compare the products with the best brands in the market then MI Lifestyle products are worth nothing. Even I am not considering other factors like the price of the product and purchasing unwanted products.

The MI Lifestyle company sell 4 different types of product line and around 100 different products which confirm that the company is not focusing on a single product and their intent is just to sell their products by showing it as a business opportunity.

Also, there is a free passive income affiliate marketing company that is Cashkaro. Cashkaro give 10% passive income just by shopping for products online from big companies like Amazon, OYO, BookMyShow, Zomato, etc.

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