Renatus nova fake and scam? Renatus Wellness reality exposed

Renatus Nova is not a fake company but its business and product are not satisfactory. Renatus Nova is a US-based company. As a US-based company, its product price is set according to the US market so it’s very high according to the Indian market.

You can definitely earn money but there are very less chances to earn even a fair amount of money. You can earn more money in a job than at Renatus Wellness. Here is a detailed comparison of Job Vs Network Marketing.

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1. Renatus Wellness has only 1 product

There is only 1 product so the chances that people will make a recurring purchase of Rentus Nova product every month is very less.

The company should atleast have 1 product line. The company should have 3-4 products of similar nature so that the consumer should options to purchase more than 1 product.

The company claims that their product cures 600 diseases but this is an impossible thing because a single product can’t be a remedy for 600 diseases. 

We can acknowledge that the product is organic and natural but diseases are different in nature so their antibiotics are also different in nature.


2. Renatus Nova is an expensive product

Renatus Nova is a product in form of capsules. The product contains 120 capsules each. There is a lot of competition in the pharma industry still Renatus Wellness is selling its products at a very high price.

The company manipulates customers by stating that they are giving 15% discount to the distributors. There is only 1 product with MRP 1550 rupees but after deducting discount the price of the product is 1350 rupees.

You can easily get a whole set of medicine at this much amount if you buy medicines from the market. 

3. Renatus Nova has so many side effects

Our heath is our utmost priority above other materialistic things like money. Renatus Nova is not a product recommended by any doctor. Please consult a doctor before consuming the Renatus Nova product because we can’t play with our health. 

Excessive consumption of this product is very harmful. People registered so many side effects of the Renatus Nova product that are Constipation, Itching, Stomach problems and stir ups etc.

Renatus Nova Capsules are not recommended for people below the age of 18 years.

You can see a lot of negative video about Renatus Nova product on youtube because people are facing side-effects with the product. 

4. Renatus Nova agents show fake dreams

Most of the people purchase Renatus Wellness product to join its so called business opportunity (its basically a sales job). The agents can do anything to sell their product which should not be the ethics of any work or business.

The intent of Renatus Nova is not to sell its product but to sell its scheme. It is impossible that a product is effective in curing 600 diseases. Renatus Nova agents sell the product without keeping in mind the health of the person. Make sure that the product is appropriate for your customer or not sould be the top priority. 

Renatus Nova agents will motivate you that you can earn luxury cars, dream house and have international trips. This is not a true story, To reach that level is a next to impossible thing that I explained in the point below.

5. Success Rate at Renatus Nova is almost zero

It is very difficult to generate a turnover of rupees 2,00,000. How much you can sell a single product to so many people?

Let’s assume that you and your team sold the product to 100 people per month,

Still, it is not equivalent to 2,00,000 rupees turnover. So, you need to add atleast 150 people in your network to generate your earnings for referring to others. It is compulsory that all those 150 people should purchase the product every month.

This is the only way you can earn stable earning from Renatus Wellness. Otherwise, just dream of earning even making small profit like 25,000 rupees.

You have to work 4 times harder and you have to make 4 times bigger team to earn 1,00,000 rupees a month from Renatus Nova.

Remember that having a big team means big responsibility on your head. You have to manage more than 500 people to earn a stable income of 1 lakh rupees.

It is very difficult to make such a big team and getting money out of their pockets every month so the success rate is almost equivalent to 0.

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