Google Pay Vs Paytm Which Is Better with Full Comparison

This is a detailed comparison of Paytm and Google Pay. All the parameters of comparison are considered like Cashback, offers, easy to use, payment speed, payment facilities, additional features, etc. Let’s first explore the benefits of Paytm and Google Pay.

What are the Benefits of Paytm and Google Pay?

  1. You can make accurate payments like 21 rupees, 1587 rupees
  2. No need to wait in long lines, pay your bills or book your tickets in just a few clicks
  3. get exciting offers and cashbacks for paying bills and booking tickets
  4. No need to handle money everytime
  5. No worries of loss of money
  6. No fee charged for making any transaction. You can make “n” number of transactions.
  7. No fee charged for transfer amount from bank account to Wallet or UPI

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Google Pay Vs Paytm on the basis of Cashback and Offers

Google Pay and Paytm majorly gives cashback and offers in 3 ways-

  1. In terms of Money Cashback (10 rupees as reward)
  2. Gift Cards (40% off on Uber Ride)
  3. Coupons and Vouchers (Buy 1 get 1 free on Movie Bookings)
Google Pay Vs Paytm on the basis of Cashbacks and Offers

Google Pay gives more cashback and offers to its users. Google Pay gives rewards more in form of money. Paytm gives more rewards in form of Coupons, Gift Cards and deals.

Basically, you will feel that Google Pay rewards are better than Paytm rewards because it is sometimes difficult to redeem gift cards and Coupons because of limited validity.

Also, If you do not like the products of the brand for which you are getting coupons then it is not beneficial for you. In my opinion, Cashback is the best reward to get or sometimes offers on movie tickets.

Google Pay Vs Paytm on the basis of Easy to Use

Paytm interface is very user-friendly. Every category is well organized and is placed according to the priority of a person. For example- the primary intent of Paytm is money transferring so you will find it on the top.

Then you will find the recharge options and ticket booking options on the 2nd and 3rd slots respectively which are also well defined with pictures.

Google Pay interface is not at all user-friendly. It is easy to send money but the interface is not organized like Paytm. You will find your contact list on the top so has to search everything.

It is not a big issue for people who use these applications on daily basis. You just have to devote an additional 1 hour to get familiar with the Google Pay interface.

Google Pay Vs Paytm on the basis of Payment Time

Paytm is the fastest mode of payment among all the digital payment-making applications. It is as fast as just a scan and a click then payment is done. It just takes around 12 seconds to transfer money.

Whereas Google pay takes much time to make transfer money. Google Pay takes around 20 seconds to execute a payment which is a bit slower than Paytm.

Google Pay Vs Paytm on the Basis of Payment Facilities

Paytm has its own wallet and bank account as well. You can add money from Debit Card and Credit Card to paytm.

The wallet feature and Debits Cards and Credit Cards are not available in Google pay.

A very large audience using Paytm wallet because they do not want their Paytm to get connected with the bank account. So if you are someone who has a fear of digital theft from your bank account then Paytm Wallet is a good option.

The thing that I love the most about Paytm is that it shows the reminders for mobile and electricity recharges. Then you are just 2 clicks away from recharging again because Paytm saves details of your recharge so there is no need to fill in details again.

Google Pay do not give Recharge Reminders as well. So if you are someone who forget deadlines then Paytm can be your best friend.

Paytm Payment Reminder Facility

Google Pay Vs Paytm on the basis of Additional Features

Paytm and Google have UPI Facility

This is the amazing technology in India which other countries want to learn from India. With the help of UPI, you can connect your UPI bank account with every money transferring platform. So you can easily make payments from any of Google Pay or Paytm.

For example- If some send you money on Google Pay but you want the money to be on Paytm then it will be directed transferred to your UPI id so that money can be used not only in Google Pay but also in Paytm.

This implies that your Paytm Bank Account and Google Pay are the same things.

Paytm and Google Pay gives Interest like Banks

You will get 2.5% interest per annum on the amount you have in your Paytm Bank Account and Google pay. If you have 12,000 Rupees in your account then your balance will be increased to 12,040 Rupees at the end of the month.

Paytm has multilingual support

You can use your Paytm in whichever language you want. Language is not a barrier for Paytm users. This attracts regional customers to have Paytm. You can switch languages as well. You will have almost all the main languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Marathi, English and Gujarati.

Which is better Paytm or Google Pay? (Conclusion)

I can recommend using both Google Pay and Paytm because some people prefer payment in Google Pay and some prefer in Paytm.

With the help of the above points, you can judge when you have to make payment for Paytm and when you have to make payment from Google Pay.

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