5 Mistake Why 99% of people fail to grow their Youtube Channel

never do these things to achieve success on youtube

99% of the people fail to grow their Youtube Channel because they do not have the correct guidance. People just make videos and post them. But there is a whole process that makes your Youtube journey smoother.

If you are about to start your Youtube Channel, a beginner or you are struggling to achieve success on youtube then today will be a turning point in your Youtube journey.

There is nothing special needed to be a successful Youtuber except for your passion and understanding of Youtube Algorithms.

Steps to Start a Successful Youtube Channel-

  1. Finding the Niche that you are passionate about
  2. Do Indepth reseach of your Niche
  3. Find out top 25 keywords of your niche
  4. start making videos on those 25 keywords
  5. Make detailed videos on your selected topic rather than an overview
  6. Be patient for 3 months, Youtube Algorithm takes time to understand your video

If you are not yet able to achieve success in your youtube journey then maybe you are making most of the mistakes from the points below. Don’t worry I have the solutions for all your problems related to Youtube.

10 Reasons People Fail to Grow their Youtube Channel

Overdependency on Social Media

The first thing that people do after making a video on Youtube is that they share it on Whatsapp and Instagram. This is not at all ideal for your Youtube Channel.

The reason is that they are not your target audience so they will never watch your full video. Hence, your bounce rate will be increased and your video will never rank higher.

I am not able to understand the reason why you share your videos on social media?- For Views, Likes, Comments and Watch time?

Let’s assume that you complete your 4000 hours of watch time on Youtube but most people do not know the fact that Youtube pays you money only if someone clicks on your advertisement that comes before your video or between your video.

The probability of getting a click on the advertisement is 70% more if the person is among your target audience.

You can never earn money on Youtube if you rely only on Social Media. Organic Traffic is the most crucial thing.

Even 10 organic views are better than 1000 social media views because those 10 are your target audience as well as your ambassadors for the future if they like the content.

I also made a detail comparison of Youtube Shorts vs Instagram Reel in my blog-Instagram Reels vs Youtube Shorts: Which is Better?

Finding a proper Niche

Niche is a particular field in which you feel that you are the best and make video anytime with self-motivation. Some examples of Niche are given below-


The benefit of having a niche is that it builds a community. A community of like-minded people. You can do brand endorsement at a very early stage if you a community. If you even have 3000 subscribers but they are your target audience.

Brands are ready to pay very high amounts even for a limited number of people. In the initial stage, you have to find brands yourself. But after having a good name and value, brands will start approaching you and will pay 5 more than Adsense earnings.

The primary focus should be strict to your niche and proving value to the viewer.

focus on proper keyword Research

People know very less about youtube search engine optimization and youtube algorithms.

It is very necessary to keep atleast 1-2 keywords in your video for the long sustainability of your content and for higher organic reach.

Selecting the most appropriate title with a keyword in it is the most challenging thing. There are several factors like the competitiveness of the keyword and clarity of the keyword.

Need To Know About No Click Searches blog

There is one tool that will help you to find the appropriate keyword. Here is the full guide of that keyword tool in the blog- Best way to grow Youtube Channel Organically from 0 Subscribers

Lack of Patience to Get results

The reason why beginners are not able to play a long-term game on Youtube is that they have a lack of patience.

The intent of those people is only to earn money on youtube rather then providing value to their viewers. People want views, likes, comments and appreciation right from day 1.

Youtube takes time to analyze your content, trustworthiness and the intent of the video and its target audience. Atleast make 20 quality videos and wait for 3 months to get the result.

Your patience is directly proportional to your passion. If you are doing something by passion then you will have the patience to get the results.

Wrong Perception regarding Youtube Earnings

Every big Youtube claims that their major source of earning is brand deals rather than Youtube Adsense earnings. Youtube Adsense earning is actually very overrated.

People think that YouTubers earn millions of rupees in a single month but the fact is that big Youtubers earn 2/3 of their income from other sources like Brand Deals, Affiliate Marketing and referrals.

Referral marketing programs like Cashkaro provide them a passive source of income. It is like a long-term investment.

Earnings should never be your motivation to start your Youtube Channel. Stalls are not the intent to organize a fair, enjoyment is the fair is of the intent.

Similarly, making videos with greater value should be your intent rather than thinking about this video got 1000 views or this video got 500 views.

Infact Views, Likes and Comments are nowhere connected to your AdSense earning. Your earning depends upon the buying behavior of your viewer.

Even if you are a beginner then also you can earn money from Youtube. You can see 9 different sources of earning money from Youtube in my blog- How to earn money from Youtube Channel without adsense: 9 Proven Ways

Tips to Grow Faster on Youtube as a Beginner

Try different forms on Youtube but the same niche

There are now different forms of video content that you can create on Youtube namely Youtube Shorts and Youtube Stories.

You can even enjoy more views on Youtube Shorts because right now the competition to almost nothing except for niches like food vloggers, singers, dancers and motivation.

I made a detailed blog on- How to grow on Youtube Shorts- Tips, Benefits, Monetization, Hashtags

Upload videos consistently

Consistency is one of the key factors that keep you in the eye of Youtube. It is not necessary to upload videos daily but atleast upload 1 video every week.

Apart from the comedy niche, I think every creator posts atleast 1 video in a week which is obviously their success mantra to be more successful day by day.

If your niche is your passion then what’s stopping you to post 1 video per week. Research hardly takes 2-3 days which is the most critical part.

You will never be out of topic in your niche. You can be out of content. If you still feel that your niche is very narrow then try choosing another very related niche.

Content should give value to others

Creators never think that what other will feel after watching your video. Big creator always gives very valuable content to their viewers that will make an impact in their life.

This is the reason big creators have very huge fan base. They always try to make you feel something.

You have to choose something that will touch the viewers emotionally. A good informative content can also be emotionally connected. Comedy videos are also connected to emotions and even every niche can be connected to hearts.

This will be the only reason why people share your content with their friends and family. But first, you have to be the master of your own niche.

Try to connect the newest videos with the past ones

If a person watches your 2 Youtube Videos then your other videos will automatically get recommended to them. So try to connect your old videos with the new ones.

This will also give you the motivation to make the best content in every video because you can use it further as well.

Try to make content that will not get expired in 1-2 months because a short-term success in Youtube never guarantees you long-term success.

You can link your past videos in the description or the “i” button.

Final Words and Wishing

Lastly, I can say that always open to feedback that people give you. Always compare your videos with your competitor no matter how big the creator is.

Stay Motivated, Enjoy what you are doing. If you are enjoying it then a try something different and explore the best thing that you can present. Do not follow others or the trend.

I am trying to add as much value as possible. If you have any queries regarding your youtube journey then ask me in the comments below.

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