How to Get Paid Internships in College Easily

The clear answer is, To get paid Internship in College, you have to gain appropriate skills. Mastering skills is the key to get high-paid Internships as well as jobs.

No company will be willing to give you money until you do not add value for them. Therefore, skills are the only way to get great paid options in your career.

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My pro tip is never to do an unpaid internship for a certificate. Do everything that enhances your skills. I also observe that there is no extensive learning in unpaid internships. Their intent is just to get their work done for free.

Skills to get Paid Internship in College

Skills to Get Paid Internship in College

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is my personal favourite field. As the target consumer is not limited to a particular area. You have to do research and make digital marketing strategies for the company.

You will get great from PAN India so you can experience a diversity of people to work with you. You can also start your own business after mastering your digital marketing skill. Digital Marketing is the best

Digital Marketing consists of fields like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Google Adwords, Email Marketing, Youtube SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

You can get a Digital Marketing Paid Internship after learning any of the skills given above. The pay in digital marketing increases with experience. The start pay in Digital marketing is 20,000 Rupees for a fresher.

Digital marketing Paid Internships

Coding Languages

Coding is the most premium skill for Computer Science Engineers. The demand for coders is infinite. The pay for coders is the highest-paid but it is a very stressful and time-consuming job that always demands overtime.

coding takes 1-2 months of time to learn. There is no end to learning in this field. You can learn Website Development as well as Application Development.

Content Creation

Content Creation is an art that is not everyone’s cup of tea, As you need to be super creative and an easy explainer.

Content Writing internships are mostly paid Internships. As you have to do in-depth research on the topic and then write the whole content.

The company will get the benefit of the content for a lifetime therefore content writing Internships are mostly paid Internships.

Content Creation consists of Research, Ideation, Narration, and Creation. Content can be created on websites, Youtube, Instagram, Quora and many more platforms.

Lead Generation

This is a warning that please do lead generation for a good company. There are so many refer and earn schemes in which the intent of the internship is to add more and more people to the network.

This is just beneficial for the company but you are not getting any good skills that will help you in the future.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing has now become very easy after the introduction of websites like Canva. The field have a great demand because graphic designers is specialized in creating designs.

The role of graphic designers is to create Logos, Thumbnails, Instagram Visuals, Card designs, Brochure Designs, and many more for the company.


After the Youtube Boom in India, the demand for video editors is at its peak. Editing requires fewer skills and it is one of the most high-paying jobs. However, editing is a very hectic and monotonous job. You have to learn how to use editing software like Premiere Pro.

Photo Editing is also a great skill that can be done by learning Adobe Photoshop and many more software.


Photography is one of the most interesting skills to learn. To get paid Internships in Photography, you can do some unpaid internships because here you have to understand Camera Angles, Backgroud Sense, and Light Knowledge.

Financial Skills

The demand for Finance internships is immense. For that, you need to have a great grasp of financial concepts (practical knowledge).

You need to be good at analyzing financial data and assessing market situations.

Finance Paid Internships

What is the Expected Money for paid Internships in College

It is totally dependent upon your level of skill mastery and performance. But 15,000 Rupees to 50,000 Rupees is a good offer.

Which Platforms are best to get Paid Internships?

LinkedIn is a great and most trusted platform to get paid Internships. Beginners can also use Internshala but there are so many useless internships on Internshala. Therefore, choose the Internships wisely.

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