Is Indusviva fake company? Yes, With Proof products review

Indusviva agents helped it to prove a fake company. Recently, Police arrested 24 people from Indusviva because of the freezing of money of the people. For this, they released a notice. Indusviva set its price according to the US market but it is even expensive as per the US price therefore, Indusviva is extremely expensive in India.

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If we talk about their business plan then the commission on Indusviva is very less. Also, the people have to sell very expensive products.

On Selling products of rupees 10,000, you will get the commission of rupees 50 rupees only. On average, there is only a 0.5% passive commission.


Indusviva Company On the basis of Products (Review)


1. Indusviva Ipulse

Ipulse Price- Rupees 3600/Bottle

Agents claim that Indusviva Ipulse increases immunity and you will a patient will get Covid negative in 4-5 days after consuming it. There is no need for Vaccine then?

They also claim that Indusviva Ipulse will work on anti-aging and this will increase your age.

According to Indusviva agents, Eating Fruits and Vegetables are of no use. They clearly state that Ipulse is better than fruits and Vegetables increasing immunity. Now, I seriously want to know the ingredients used in this Indusviva product.

2. Indusviva Islim Bar

Islim- Rupees 3600/Case

As the name suggest this product is related to loosing weight. Agents claim that this product is that much heavy that this will remove your hunger.

The funniest part is that According to Indusviva agents, their product Islim is not for losing weight but it is for weight management. If your weight is more then it will reduce your weight and if your weight it less then it will increase your weight as well.

This product will automatically predict that you are overweight or underweight then it will manage your weight according to the situation. This is complete craziness of false claims by the people of Indusviva.

The conclusion is that we can’t trust these wellness products. There is no alternatives to original products that will help you in solving issues like weight loss and anti-aging.

3. Indusviva Iglow

Iglow- Rupees 3600/Box

According to agent, others creams contains chemical that damage your skin but this drink does not. This is a drink in jelly form, its not a cream then why not we consume organic products like milk and eggs to glow our skin?

Creams are obviously for temporary impact but consuming Indusviva drink over organic products is a foolish move.

4. Indusviva Icoffee 

Icoffee Price- Rupees 3600/Box

Indusviva agents claim that consuming this coffee will help you in preventing diabetes. They claim that their coffee does not have caffeine then how it will be called as a coffee. This product is made up of roasted coffee seed then obviously it contains caffeine.

5. Indusviva Icare

Icare- Rupees 3600/Case

Indusviva Icare is a women exclusive product. This product is for hormonal wellness and Psychological Wellness. How can a product improve our mental health?

I know Ice-cream, chocolates and your favourite dishes are stress buster but how can a 35 ml jelly help in dealing with psychological disorders.

5 points that prove that Indusviva is not a good company

1. Indusviva has only 5 products to purchase every month

Indusviva claim that wellness industry will be the most profitable industry in the upcoming years but Indusviva has only 5 products that you have to purchase every month.

How can someone purchase only 5 products of rupees 18,000 every month? If there is no variety in the products then it is of no use. There will be unnesssary stock of products just to promote this scheme.

2. Indusviva has very Expensive Products

I guess 1 Indusviva item is of only 35 ml and it cost rupees 3600. The price of every product is same. There is no logic used while determining the price. I guess the criteria for deciding the price depend upon the ingredients used.

The company is selling a product of rupees 500 at a price of rupees 3600. They are stable in the market just because they attract innocent people on the name of a business and rich lifestyle.

Indusviva agents started their conversations with rich lifestyles, businesses, cars and Incomes.

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3600 Rupees/ Bottle

3. Indusviva products are not Safe

There is nothing mentioned about the ingredients used in Indusviva products. As a wellness company, they should mention the ingredients they use in their products. There is nothing specified about the products.

How can we believe that a 35 ml is good for our health and it will have a good impact on our body?

4. Indusviva intend to sell through their Scheme

Why someone will purchase a product at this price. People will forcefully buy it because agents name this scheme as a business. It is just a sales job  until you are doing digital marketing or strategic marketing to generate leads.

If you are Sharing this scheme on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook then you are learning nothing and doing a sales job.

5. Indusviva shows Fake Incomes and false claims

Indusviva, Forever Living and Vestige treat discounts as profit. Still, after a discount, their products are expensive than the market price. Indusviva is showing false benefits of the products and fake income of people. I never even heard the name of Indusviva before I searched about Direct-selling companies.

I contacted few agents and then they sent me the link of the webinar. They shared the information of the products with regards to the webinar and the false claims they made.

My final words is that never join Indusviva kind of Companies with such expensive and unhealthy products. If you want to join a free Referral Marketing program then join Cashkaro instead of joining these companies which are promoting scheme just to selling products.

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