Is Vestige a fraud Company?- Yes, with proof

Yes, Vestige is a fake Company because it’s agents are running a scam scheme. Vestige basically deals in every daily used Product or FMCG products.Vestige is not a Business it’s just a performance-based Sales Job with a very low Commission. The agents of Network Marketing Companies are “Fake Entrepreneurs” because their intent is just to add more and more people into their network. Doing Sales is not entrepreneurship neither any business. The intent of the company is just to sell their 3rd class products at high prices by introducting their scam scheme to innocent middle class people. These companies basically sell dreams to middle-lower class people by adding the lucrative elements like digital business, rich lifestyle etc. But Vestige is nothing but a fake scheme to attract people into a network and selling low quality products at high prices. Vestige was suspended from the Indian Direct Sellers Association (IDSA) based on the complaints of Amway. Their ground is that vestige has not followed the code of ethics. We all know that Amway got into a lot of legal issues in the past and based on their complaint, IDSA has suspended vestige from their association. Then I am seriously thinking about the credibility of Vestige.Some network marketing companies like Amway, Tupperware was banned by the government of India a few weeks ago so it’s very risky to start their scam scheme.If you literally want to do business with 0 Investment then you should try Clothes Reselling because Fashion never dies.

Vestige is selling very costly Products

The price of products that Vestige is selling is far more than the best brand products market price. The products of Vestige are so much expensive as compared to the best brands in the market. Vestige is doing Price Frauds in India.
Price Comparison with best Brands-
Vestige ToothPaste
Nescafe Coffee
Vestige Coffee
Vestige Water Purifier
Kent Water Purifier
 All the prices are taken from the official Website of Vestige. You can check on Vestige’s official website if you think I am sharing incorrect prices.Still, prices are affordable as compared to other network marketing companies in the market. Other Network Marketing companies like Amway, Forever Living and Herbalife have very high prices of their products. I can say that this whole network marketing is a Scam because the products do not value as compared to the quality.

Vestige’s Product Quality 

Vestige manufacture products of every product line. I mean how can a single company make every product better than the branded products. The products of Vestige are not even Fssai marked. No proper information is given about the Product. There is no product analysis. No Customer Reviews.The whole emphasis is on the Scheme rather than the product. You can even check the quality of 3rd class products by using them once. But I advise not to do so.

Vestige’s Commission is very low

It is a harsh reality that the commission of these Companies is very low. If 10 people will purchase products of rupees 1000 every month. The condition is that those 10 people must have to purchase products. Otherwise, The commission will be deducted.People added by You= 20 Purchases= 1000/person Your turnover= 20,000Now if you are expecting a minimum of 5% Commission then you are wrong. Vestige will give you only 200 rupees on this much Sales. Also, These 20 people have to purchase products every month for their recurring Income.People will show their fake income on a Vestige App. Do you ever ask them for their Passbook entry?They just have no answer when you ask this question. They will never show their own passbook entry because their Commission is so less that they can’t even show it.Also, their income is not fixed. They may force so many people to buy their expensive products for 1 month. But no one can buy bad quality and expensive for a long time. So ask the agents for passbook entries of 2-3 months.Now understand another situation-You are doing a sales job in the company(Vestige) where you have to purchase its products first to get the job.Now, you have to sell the product by pitching customers for that, getting paid a very small commission for sell highly expensive products (not even valuable in the market).Business/Entrepreneurship is just a word in this scam, they are using it to attract more and more customers. Also, you have to generate a revenue of 20,000 to get a 100 rupees commission.Also, there is no value for your efforts. You are getting zero rupees if you are unable to do 20,000 sales. There is no fixed amount you are getting for your efforts.

Vestige focus on recruitment only

Vestige tries to search for people who are less educated or people who have a scarcity of money. A person coming on a bike is giving us the dreams of buying royal Cars.A company can never be successful until it works on improving its own Products. But the agenda of Vestige is to recruit more and more people instead of product reviews and product analysis.Actually, the thing is that even the agents are promoting people to recruit more people instead of showing the real utilities of the Product. Their main agenda is selling the scheme not the product.I can bluntly say that job is a better option than Network Marketing. I made a detailed comparison between Job vs MLM.

You have to waste money every month 

You have to buy expensive products every month from Vestige. You also have to buy products of a certain amount every month. Vestige is surely promoting a scam scheme instead of focusing on its products.There are free alternatives available in which are free of cost like Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can refer to products without spending even a single rupee. I made the full comparison on Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing.However, You have to aware because some Network Marketing companies also claim themselves as affiliate Marketing Companies. The simple thing you have to remember is never to give money to any company for starting any opportunity.Cashkaro is a referral marketing program in which you have to invest 0 money. You will earn money only by online shopping and online recharge. The best part is that if you refer to anyone else then you will get 10% lifetime commission for your referral’s earning.Adding more and more people after explaining to them the scheme will help you get very high profits without any investment.Cashkaro is also a passive income source and it is totally free of cost then why should I join Vestige? Why you are wasting money every month for the thing you are getting for free.There is no compulsion of buying products of a particular brand. You can do any kind of online shopping and you will get cashback.You can ask for guidance on my Instagram. The best part is that I have no personal benefit nor I will promote any other brand. If you seriously need some guidance then only DM me.

Vestige Marketing Strategies

All the Vestige agents are Opportunity Seekers. They are using Government Schemes as their own Schemes like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Referral Scheme’. This is how they make posters to influence people to join.They also even mention that earn 40k-50k/month without disturbing your working hours. According to them, a person who needs a job due to a scarcity of money should do Business, and that Business demands initial Investment as well.These people can literally connect anything from network marketing. They just want your money to cover their past losses. This is not less than a “Rat trap”. Even many students and poor people committed suicide after entering into this scam.
is vestige fake?
Now don’t make my comment section trash and try to put relevant points to counter my views on Network Marketing.Instead of doing these scams, focus on doing something productive that will enhance your skills.There are websites that will give you money just for filling online surveys like Swagbucks and Cashkaro if you refer your friend then you will get 10% lifetime earning of what they earn. This is known as the best passive income source which are free of cost.For all the Vestigians, Vestige and Modicare are good companies in the network marketing industry as compared to other companies.But it is a fact that vestige products are expensive and the intent of agents is just to add more and more people by showing them fake dreams.Please start giving people a clear picture of the struggle in the network marketing industry. The success rate in the network marketing industry is less than 0.04%.So clearly state the price of your products, low commission rate and the risk of the investment in vestige.

Vestige FAQ

Is Vestige an Indian Company?

Yes, Vestige is 100% an India Company. The CEO of the vestige company is also an Indian- Gautam Bali. Vestige headquarter is in New Delhi, India.

Is Vestige good or bad?

Vestige is a bad company due to its scam scheme, bad quality and expensive products. The intent of vestige agents is only to add more and more people into their network. A good company always focuses on improving its product quality and services.

What is the benefit of Vestige?

The only benefit of Vestige is that it enhances your communication skills. It will help you boost confidence to talk with strangers. Otherwise, there is no benefit of Vestige as such because vestige agents only manipulate innocent people.
If you want to ask any question regarding vestige then you can ask me on Vestige FAQ- Answered Most asked questions about Vestige. I answered the most asked question vestige in the link above.

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  1. Don't blame any industry that is not your cup of tea. You don't even know what is network marketing and vomiting on internet. Don't waste your time to vomiting on others efforts and do something that helps country and youth.

  2. Sala Quality dikha raha tu to jo quality paste hota uska 1000+ ppm hai…or tu 55 rs vala dikhaya uska ppm dekh..fir bta quality..aur yaha Assure Paste hai o dikha mc 75 mrp or 65 dp..sala zendu comparison krta hai..Fallidana aur Nuts ka😄

  3. Bro you are the only fake person ever I have seen ������������������������������

  4. Why you are showing only the mrp show the dp too… then we can
    Yes totally 3rd class products n totally 3rd class information buddy ������������
    Bdw so impressive skills you have that's why you have enough time to make article on direct selling ����������

  5. Yes Vestige is best company for all Middle class people.Best life changing opportunity.Here Hard work never fails,I proved … once again don't believe fack news, Believe in your self.start work…. keep Rocking

  6. In which MLM company are you working at present?? Completely putting fake news about Vestige!! You stupid 😂😂

    I can challenge that what you said, everything is false and dont just post blindly without knowing anything Vestige.

  7. Oru Nalla company nu eruntha atha keduka pala Ethirigal erupaga.. i think this is the best example..Poor gets more poor bcoz he things every opportunity is a scam..Jusy think and act..Vestige is the best opportunity to change ur life💯

    • just prove the company is best
      not to prove your bloody earnings here , vestige is banned for 6 months by IDSA for nearly 3 times , do u know this f..k news or, At least you know what is “IDSA”

  8. Fake Article
    Vestige is No1 direct selling company in India and my earnings started in Vestige and soon will reach higher level.

    Don't believe fake news
    Analyse yourself and think.

  9. Vestige is the top no 1 company, this one and only proof is enough for whether how much peoples beliefs and products or how much quality. Prices comparison is like foolish because Apple iPhone and low price Chinese phones are not equal even price and quality. So haters don't fool yourself.

  10. Nonsense Post. Your fake information shows your learning and understanding capacity. First learn network marketing business concept,then learn Vestige marketing plan. I'm a Gold Director in Vestige. Just buying Grade 1 outstanding quality products and referring to people who are looking for business opportunity without big investment. Buying self consuming products to my own home will never come under investment. I'm earning 5 digit income from Vestige. Without stepping out of my house. I spend quality time with my kid and family. I'm gradually moving towards time and financial freedom. Irresponsible,brainless, senseless blogger like you don't even deserve to say Vestige name also. Move this nonsense Post to trash. Give,do something useful to the society and nation instead of wasting other's time to read your garbage blogs.

    Gold Director

  11. Mlm is a good industry…But some companies are doing a scam or bad…so every company not be like that and one thing Vestige is a 1000 percentage geniune and honest…if you didn't trust yet..Come and join with us let you know whether its fraud or not… Otherwise shut up ur mouth and everything.

  12. Ya It is use full for many collage students and this products are very higher quality products but is healthy products all are shout used this product wise you wealth thank you

  13. Vestige is a good company both in providing quality product as well as giving income to the customer as well… It's worth to purchase the products from vestige… and join as vestigian

  14. Vestige change my life who said it is a fake company.All the products in the company is grade one product. And in here lowclass people life will be changing here. I love vestige.comparing to other products price also affordable only.guys it not a fakecompany.dome fake people's create like this.

  15. Vestige is 100% geniune company. Price of these products are not too high comparing to other products but the produce or 1st grade the other products or 3rd grade and the products or too good higher quality and to healthy. It is no.1 company in India and one and only Indian company which ranked 36th place in top 100 MLM companies compared with all MLM companies around the world. It is a good company for low class and middle class people's without investment we can earn good incomes.
    Fist learn about the company policies and write article's without knowing anything don't cheat people's

    D. Stalin Mohan Dhas.
    Bronze Director

    • That is 100% Fake News I alrady visit vestige company that company realy greatfull company Vestige industry Not scam one of the best company Life transfromation company … Prodect quality gread 1) ….tq

  16. Without knowing any complete details of the company, please don't publish negative comments in the web page. I am very proud to say that am also a part of Vestige and the quality of products are awesome and am using it. And coming to the part of salary proofs, all are real ones and not the fake proof. We have seen the statement as well from my team leaders and even I have got credited my 1st month salary. Kindly avoid these kind of fake informations about the companies without knowing the reality.

  17. There are so many supporters for vestige commenting on the post but no one had argued on the facts given by the author. Some said they are earning good but none posted their bank statements.

  18. Whatever the writer has written is a completly agreeable. MLMs have been looting people by showing false dreams that doesn’t even upgrade suspectibility. They advertise fake products where NO reasearch and development is applied. Even vestige, amway, rcm products are totally bullshit.

    If they’re really concious about our health then why don’t customers are attracted to it?? Why doesn’t the products gets goodd reviews.

    So, basically young boys and girls; focus on any job or have startups or unless GAUTAM BALI will definately destroy your future carrier.

    No comments are either entertained, please!

  19. This type of marketing culture is inspired from USA. Do some research on that what happened there And what is happening currently. These are just schemes based on price manipulation and discount offerings to attract new vestige customer further focusing on turning customers into agents. Actually the company is making lots of profits by these schemes as the don’t have to focus on their products instead they simply have to drag desperate people into this scheme by selling them dreams and those desperate people end up becoming loyal customers and free marketing agents with very low commission. And there’s a trick in that commission too as if u r a vestige agent u end up buying hell lots of over priced products which you truly don’t need, to complete targets given to achieve more discount and commission, so actually u r only getting commission on ur own purchase , and end up wasting lots and lots of money on useless products…..! It’s a win win situation for this company based on pyramid scheme and lose lose situation for their agents…..! If any vestige follower disagrees with this process then plz give valid and logical points instead of just saying this article is fake, he doesn’t know anything, i m a vestige follower and earning lots of money 💰💰🤑🤑 using these kinda emojis…..! ! Just plz stop these kinda discussion and try to do healthy discussions by stating valid arguments with logic…!!!

  20. These guys be like saying – “Last month ka mera cheque 3 lakh ka tha”.

    One can clearly make out by their way of dressing and presentation that these people are paid to lure more innocemt people into this scam.

    These people I bet won’t be able to clear CALL CENTER interviews and claim to be earning lakhs, driving exotic cars.

    VESTIGE waale chutiyo thode paise faltu kharch karke dhang ke bande kiraye pe le aayo. Lage to kahi se ki haa ye kama sakta hai.

    Labour class chutyo jaisi shakal ke lavdo ko le aenge.

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  22. You better watch how to reply, what he’s saying is very true! It’s just kinda a pyramid scheme by including people instead of investment!

  23. Dear all, vestige is a fraud company. Plz care your future ,dont join vestige or dont use vestige products .my relative who join vestige sold me products of 2000 . He created my id and all that. So i hv to purchase that products for a reason but for future i will not purchase products. Ghatiya logo ki ghatiya company k ghatiya products

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  28. Yes 👍, the article is a fact about reality.
    Also, I am from a vestige family.
    The first time I had bought a product from vestige with the price of 3500 rupees for getting 5 % commission and I had received 56 rupees as commission. This commission is monthly basis, not a lifetime. But leaders from vestige are showing dream good wealth life through commission. Absolutely right, if you are from vestige then you are wasting your money monthly basis. Product quality is very poor quality. Another senior person from the vestige are saying about the networking, they are not saying about products quality. They are selling low quality product with high prices.

  29. So I’m obviously new to the site. I figured out how to customize my blog page but now I need some help learning how to delete the posts that seem to automatically be there as examples and create my own..

  30. And to that guy who’s earning 10+ Lakh per month and unable to share passbook history. Stop wasting your time and others hard earned money. Though I’ve never been a part of this pyramid scheme. This is bullshit. Indirectly you’re begging. And Kudos to the article writer 👍

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  33. Why are you Vestige guys blaming him for writing an article against Vestige.

    If the points raised by him are not valid respond to the queries he raised.
    Mere abuse will not work guys….


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