Is Qnet Fake? Yes, with proof and never join Qnet

Qnet is a fake company so never join Qnet company because it is a very big scam. The products of Qnet are extremely expensive. Qnet company is in India for many years but the company is full of controversies in the past.

Qnet also advertised itself in IIFA Awards and Goa FC football cup which is not the intent of a direct selling company. Advertising and marketing are not enough if your product is providing value to others.

Advertisements are not enough to generate profits for this company then how a direct seller with a very small network can sell extremely expensive products?

The company changed its name so many times because of its bad image in the market. Qnet was earlier known as GoldQuest and QuestNet. Let’s see Qnet’s Business Plan in detail-

Qnet Business Plan

Qnet is a direct selling company which was started in 1998. The company basically sells 4 types of products are Health and Wellness, Home and Living, Personal Care and Beauty, Watches and Jewellery.

You have to sell these products and add new people into this scam who will also add new people and form a chain.

One more thing, stop treating network marketing as a business because companies like Qnet and other network marketing companies are just performance-based Sales jobs. Selling products and earn a very small commission is not a business.

You are working for someone else company. You will always be limited to that particular company. You can’t decide your own income. If the CEO changed the income plans then your income can vanish as well. You have no control over the company.

Even a Job is better than Network Marketing in every aspect. I explained it in detail.

Types of Incomes in Qnet

To earn Income from Qnet, You have to become the Independent Representative of the company. To become the Independent Representative of the company, you have to invest an initial amount of rupees 60,000-1,50,000.

There are different types of Income in Qnet that are-

1. Retail Profit

If you become a distributor of the company then you will get products upto 20% discount rate. You can sell the products of the Qnet company on MRP and earn profit through the discount that the company is giving.

The point to be noted is that the products are already extremely expensive so what is the logic to give a discount on these products. No one will purchase that much expensive product even if you will sell the products at a discount price.

Qnet is selling a product that costs rupees 1,000 at 15,000 rupees MRP then gives a 10% discount. This retail profit theory makes no sense and it just fools people by showing upto 20% discount.

2. Step Sales Incentive

To earn this type of income in Qnet, you have to recruit or add more and more people into your network. Those people also have to purchase products worth rupees 70,000. If you add 2 people within 28 days to your network then you will get a commission of rupees 3550.

If you add 2 more people into the network within 42 days then again you will get a commission of 3550 rupees.

For generating a Sales Turnover of rupees 280,000 rupees, you will get a commission of rupees 7100 rupees. The commission is only 2% which you will get when you will add 2 people as direct Sales within 28 days.

3. Repeat Sales Point Income

If you repurchase the products from Qnet then you will get some points called Repeat Sales Point(RSP).

If someone repurchases expensive products from the company then you will get this income. No one is a fool who will purchase these expensive products again after falling into this trap.

Your income will start if you are able to generate 50 RSP. Your profit will increase if you generate more and more RSP.

4. Rank Maintainance Income and Monthly Rank Achievement

This income depends upon your rank in the Qnet company. The more your rank, the more will be your commission rate.

It took a lot of years and hard work to build a large team. To generate sales with them is also a big challenge.

5 reasons that prove that Qnet is fake

Qnet products are very expensive

The company claims that there is no advertising and marketing cost involved in selling the products so that the company will distribute the marketing cost to its agents. But the products of Qnet are very expensive that it is far away from the market price of the best brands in the market.

The interesting fact is that Qnet invests a huge sum of money in advertising and marketing. They use your money to invest in these activities. So, do not invest in this fake company.

One more interesting fact is that even advertising and marketing of the Qnet products is not able to make the company profitable and generate sales. So, how can you earn money from this company?

Qnet products are literally unaffordable and very overvalued. The company is selling 6 times more expensive products. I am showing some of the examples-

2021 09 22 2 min

This HomePure product cost rupees 70,000 rupees. The price of a normal RO is rupees 10,000-15,000 rupees. You can check the full price list of Qnet here.

Qnet requires a huge initial investment

Qnet requires a very huge initial investment which is obviously unaffordable according to Indian Economic Standards.

Also, The investment in this fake Qnet company is not at all worth it. There are other network marketing companies in which you can start with less than 5000 rupees investment or for free.

This investment is just a joining fee of this company. On the other hand, if you want to do sales then you can do affiliate marketing or sales job which will give you 5-10% commission on selling their product.

There is no compulsion on purchasing the products in Sales jobs and affiliate marketing but in these fake companies like Qnet, you have to invest money on regular basis to purchase products.

Qnet is not specialized in a Single Product Line

Qnet agents will always show you fake dreams which can not be achieved through this company.

The company is making 4 types of product lines and more than 100 products. The big question is that how a company can make products which are not related to each other and will give the best quality products?

Firstly, the products are expensive. Secondly, products are not of good quality and there is not sync in the products.

A good company always focus on its products but the intent of Qnet is just to sell their business scheme. If the products of the are good then people will definitely purchase its products.

I do not understand the reason that why the products of Qnet company are so expensive. Why Qnet is not focusing on a single product line?

The simple reason is that their intent is to generate more and more Sales by selling expensive products by naming it as a business opportunity and showing fake dreams.

Qnet is continuously in the circle of Controversies

If you search on Youtube and Google about Qnet then you will find that there are lots of negative videos against the company.

Qnet did a 500 Crore Rupees fraud back in 2019 in which 70 people were arrested by the police for freezing the money of people. (source with proof)

In 2020, Qnet is stated as a Ponzi scheme in Odisha. A Ponzi scheme is basically a fake and scam company whose intent is just to sell the scheme and not the product. (source with proof)

The success rate in Network Marketing is only 0.04% but I think the success rate in Qnet is hardly 0.001% because the business plan is very weak.

I don’t know how Qnet still exists in India after so many controversies and allegations. Maybe the agents in Qnet help it to sustain in the market. We will talk about them in the next point.

Qnet income is very less than the agents reflect

The simple equation is that if you generate sales turnover then only you earn money every month.

If you recruit people by manipulation then they will purchase products in the first month but after that, they will leave your company.

The type of business plan that Qnet consist of then you have to do manipulation. No one will join the company because of the products. People will join this company because Qnet agents show their fake income statements, Iphones, Cars, Bunglow and many more.

The agents of Qnet invite you for a coffee or tell that it is business started by them and only 1 vacancy is left.

Should I join Qnet?

The answer is a big “NO” because there are free passive income alternatives available in the market like Cashkaro.

Other than that, there are good network marketing companies that need an initial investment of just 3,000-4000 rupees like Tupperware. I am not a supporter of any of the network marketing company but this companies are genuinely growing great in this industry.

Everyone knows the brand name that Tupperware is holding in the marketing and the quality of its products. Ok Life Care is known for its good business plan but product quality maintenance with an appropriate price should be the intent of every company.

Still, these are some of the companies that you can look for if you genuinely want to enter this industry. Qnet is not at all worth joining. Still, its agents show fake dreams that they are earning lakhs of rupees per month by showing their bank passbook statements as proofs.

Ask them about the passbook of 5 consecutive months because it is a possibility that a person who generates 3 Sales in 1 month will also generate 0 Sales in another month.

You can ask for guidance on my Instagram. The best part is that I have no personal benefit nor I will promote any other brand. If you seriously need some guidance then only DM me. 

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