Vestige FAQ- Answered Most asked questions about Vestige

Vestige FAQ

Most asked questions about Vestige are answered in this blog. These answers are the honest reality of the company. Here is the Vestige FAQ-

Is Vestige a Indian company?

Yes, Vestige is an Indian company having its headquarter in Okhla,New Delhi. Vestige started its operations on June 2, 2004.

What is the benefit of Vestige?

vestige benefits

The only benefit of Vestige is that it can improve your communication skills. Your confidence will boost up and you will have no anxiety before having a conversation with a new person.

Is Vestige safe or not?

Vestige is a legal company but it is not a safe investment because a place where 99.9% of people fail is not considered as a safe investment. You will never get even 10% of the money even after days and nights of hardwork.

Can I join Vestige?

Can I join vestige

Yes, anyone above the age of 18 can join Vestige. There is no degree/education qualification required. There is no skills required to join Vestige. There is no experience required. Vestige just requires your money.

How can I earn from vestige?

how to earn money from vestige

You can earn money in vestige by building a team of like-minded people who can generate Sales Turnover and are enthusiastic enough to add more and more people into their network. The main thing to earn money in vestige is Sales turnover.

Is Vestige good or bad?

vestige good or bad

Vestige product’s quality is not good and products are also expensive. The commission rate is very low and the business model of Vestige is very bad.

Everything is fine because the price is in the hands of the company’s but vestige agents add innocent people by manipulating them (without clearing them everything) is the worst part of the whole network marketing industry.

Are vestige products costly?

Yes, Vestige products are 2-3 times more costlier than the best brands in the market.
I made a detailed blog on comparison of vestige products price with the best brands in the market price- Vestige expensive price proof

Can I get rich with vestige?

Yes, you can get rich in Vestige but the chances are only 0.04%. Vestige agents just manipulate and brainwash people by showing them their fake incomes.
Network marketing requires atleast 5 years of regular hardwork to achieve success so it’s not guaranteed that you will be rich in vestige.
I don’t think so that anyone other than Sonu Sharma is earning more than 7 figures earning only from vestige.

What is the rank of vestige in India?

Vestige is undoubtedly the no.1 rank direct selling company in India right now not officially but according to the reviews of the people. Ok Life Care is one of the company that may take place of vestige in the future.

But it’s not about the company, it’s about the fake network marketing industry that teaches people not to sell the products but to sell the scheme.

Is Vestige certified?

Vestige company is registered under MCA. Vestige is not a member of Indian Direct Selling Rules(IDSA) and Federation of Direction Selling Association(FDSA).

Vestige was suspended from the Indian Direct Sellers Association (IDSA) based on the complaints of Amway. Their ground is that vestige has not followed the code of ethics.

We all know that Amway got into a lot of legal issues in the past and based on their complaint, IDSA has suspended vestige from their association. Then I am seriously thinking about the credibility of Vestige.

How many products are in vestige?

There are 250 products in Vestige with 11 different types of the product lines like Oral Care, Health Care, Personal Care and home equipment etc.

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