Ok Life Care Fake?- Business Plan, Income Plan, Benefits, Review

No, Ok Life Care is a legal company registered under IDSA but the agents of Ok life Care show fake dreams to innocent people.

It is a true thing that Network Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea because network marketing is all about manipulating the clients.

Every company in the Network Marketing industry is selling products at very expensive prices but the price of Ok Life Care products is equal to the market price.

Still, I can suggest that stay away from Network Marketing because it requires a lot of hard work and still the success rate is only 0.04%. This means that only 1 person out of every 2500 people can achieve success in this scam.

Ok Life Care is the direct competitor of Vestige and Modicare. The products of every Network Marketing Company are very expensive except few. One of the exceptions is Ok Life Care Company.

Although I have the Network Marketing Business Model still, Ok Life Care and Tupperware and comparatively better than other MLM Companies in India.

Is Ok Life Care Fake

Ok Life Care Business Plan

Ok Life Care is a direct selling company started in 2016 and it is registered under Legal Direct Selling Company List.

To start the Ok Life Care Business, first, you have to purchase Ok Life Care products of rupees 1000-1500.

To earn income from Ok Life Care business, you have to recommend Ok Life Care products to your clients. The clients can be your family, friends, or anyone. If they like the products then you can introduce them to the Ok Life Care Business.

In other words, you have to add people into this business and build a big network of like-minded people who have the potential to generate Sales every month.

Ok Life Care calculates income in terms of Business Value(BV).
1 Business Value= 2-3 Rupees (Depending upon the product you are purchasing)
500 Business Value= 1000-1500 Rupees

There are 11 types of Income in Ok Life Care-
  1. Retail Income (Discount upto 40%)
  2. Performance Bonus- 6%
  3. Active Bonus- 5%
  4. Flagship Bonus- 2%+4%
  5. Consistency Bonus- 7%
  6. Business Building Bonus- 7%
  7. Super Active Bonus- 15%
  8. Car Fund- 7.5%
  9. House Fund- 5%
  10. Covid Relief Fund- 11.5%
  11. Super Flagship- 5%
  12. Mega Flagship- 5%

The interesting fact is that you will be eligible for all these incomes after achieving a certain level. The simple thing is that the more you will generate Sales for the company, the more will be your income.

Benefits of Ok Life Care

Ok Life Care Products are affordable

Despite other fake network marketing companies like Forever Living, Amway, and Vestige, Ok Life Care is selling products below market price.

The first type of Income in Ok Life Care is Retail Profit. There is no marketing cost incurr in Ok Life Care because the products are directly delivered from manufacturer to consumer through Direct Selling.

There is upto 40% discount on Ok Life Care Products. It means that on some products there are 5% discount or on some products there will be 30% discount.

Ok Life Care products price is less than the marketing price whereas in other network marketing companies the price to 2x,3x or even 5x expensive than the market price.

Ok Life Care is still maintain quality equivalent to vestige. But the quality will never compete with the best brands in the marketing because the focus of best brands like HUL and Nestle is on their product quality.

Ok Life Care is a Passive Source of Income

Ok Life Care is a passive source of income. This is a quality of every network marketing company but what make Ok Life Care different is its price and still giving okish quality. There are fake affiliate marketing programs these days which demands initial money like Bizgurukul. But there are free sources of Passive income like Cashkaro.

Passive income does not guarantee that you will earn income for lifetime. If your Sales Turnover is high than you can enjoy passive income. Otherwise, your income can even reach 0 if the Sales done by your downline is 0.

Disadvantages of Ok Life care

Commission in ok life care is very less

Ok Life Care Company distributes 86% of its earnings to its distributors despite this fact, the commission rate on Ok Life Care Products is only 1%.

Also, at the initial stage, you will be unable to take the benefits of all the 11 incomes given above.

For example, the 2nd type of income in Ok Life Care is Active Bonus.

To earn the Active Bonus, you have to generate a Sales Turnover of 15,000 rupees to earn 1 Active Bonus point.

The value of 1 Active Bonus Point is 250 rupees. It means that to earn 250 rupees, you have generate sales of rupees 15,000 (20,000 rupees if you are adding the products purchased by you)

Ok Life Care Agents show fake dreams

There is nothing wrong with Ok Life Care company but people have to understand that making networks and influence people will take time.

If your skill are better in a particular skill than a job can pay you 1 lakh rupees a month. But in MLM, it takes a lot of years to achieve the 1 lakh rupees income threshold. Therefore, Job is better than Network Marketing. I made a detailed blog- Job vs MLM| which is better?

Even after reaching to the top earners, you have to give motivation speeches to your team member. There will be around 500 people in your network so network marketing is not an easy field. It requires hard work at every stage.

To get Car, Bunglow and huge amount of money is a far away thing to earn in this industry. There are only 2-3 people inevery company who can reach that point.

It’s like you just started to play cricket but agents are showing you dreams that you will become Virat Kohli in just few months.

Ok Life Care vs Vestige vs Amway

Ok Life Care is definitely better than Vestige and Amway according to its current plan. But the real problem is that Ok Life Care can change its plan anytime. We can’t trust any network marketing company because it is a very controversial and manipulative industry.

Vestige and Amway are big and old names in the network marketing industry. Therefore, their products are expensive and commission is lesser than Ok Life Care.

It is a truth that people show fake cheaques of their companies to influence people. Even Sonu sharma changed his network marketing company and joined Vestige. Isn’t it seems fishy?

Ok Life Care will also try to add such big names in their company. This will definitely help them to overcome big against like Vestige and Amway.

Should I join Ok Life Care?

If you are a Network Marketing enthusiast and think that network marketing is the only career in which I can achieve success then you can definitely join Ok Life Care.

Otherwise, I am not an MLM agent and I am not an MLM supporter so I am not giving any mobile no. or Email Id. I can still say that Network Marketing is not a good industry because the success rate is only 0.04%.

You can add your reviews and opinions in the comment box and thanks for reading the blog.

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