10 Useful Tips for First Year College Students (Freshers) for Career Growth

Along with having great memories college students also want to build a great career. So here are 10 useful tips for the first year students which will help them in having a lucrative career ahead-

Focus on Skills

Till school life, your main intent was to score good marks and get into a good college. Don’t fall into the trap of getting outstanding marks in college because that is not the criteria for having a good career.

Companies hire freshers on the basis of their skills. You can choose your desired career and focus on enhancing your skills in that field. You will share that experience in your interviews.

Only prefer to do internships in the field you are interested in. Doing the internships for certificates is not worth it. Join college societies and clubs for exposure and not to become a post-bearer. Read more here for internship and society guidance.

Explore different fields

Most students do not know their passion and what they are interested in. First-year of College is the best time to explore which field is your cup of tea. If you do not experience something then how will you be able to know your passion?

A person who is passionate about modeling will experience that he can do better in modeling than everything else. After exploring various fields, choose one as your passion and start working on it.

Work on your passion

If you already figured out your passion but are unable to continue it in your school life then 1st year of college is the best time to grow towards your passion.

You have plenty of time during college life (less study pressure). You can easily devote time to your passion. The only thing you need is correct guidance and execution. Start learning from other’s experiences and self-help books.

If you master your field then no one will stop you from having a great and successful career.

Every day have a different outcomes

Everyday will not be the same. College life will make you familiar with failures everyday but don’t get disheartened. There will be days which will go fantastic as well. You can will new challenges and huddles everyday.

Treat it like life some days are good and some are bad. This is how life works. Things that seem impossible today, seem doable tomorrow.

Remember, The question that you are unable to solve earlier will be solved later after gaining experience.

Take the depression on tomorrow or overthinking about the problem at night will not give you the solution. So, start with a new beginning the next day.

Judgement of Good Friends

Stay away from people with a red flag. You should avoid making friends who demean or demotivate you.

Every friend which is not supportive in achieving your long-term goal is more dangerous than your enemies. These are called red flag people.

Judge your friends better and select the best 4-5 out of them and actively stay in contact with them. Making a strong bond with limited people always gives you a comfortable space.

You can’t make a strong bond with every person in the room. If your vibe or interests matched with a particular person then focus on making a better bond with them only.

Prefer to stay in contact with both girls and boys. Some boys shy to talk to girls but it’s an old concept. Go straight away to them just talk. Always find the common interests of each other.

In the first meet, you can talk about topics like food, movies and web series, career goals, hobbies or favourite influencers. These topics are enough to vibe with someone.

Tips for first year college students

Understand Career Priorities

Understanding your career priorities is directly proportional to time management. Time management is a crucial factor in your college life because you have many things to do.

Some people end up doing everything and some end up doing nothing. The aspect that determines the outcome is time management.

If you want to achieve something big in your 1st year of college then time management is a must skill to learn.

You have to do the most important task first and then prioritize other works according to their urgency order. Understanding which task is the most important is the key.

Avoiding procrastination will also help you in achieving big things as a college student. Enjoying the process of what you are doing will help you in eliminating procrastination.

Never Left something in between

The worst habit that we have is of leaving things in between. This is because of lack of patience. We should learn to enjoy the process rather than the result.

Everyone is keen to get results but if you are not enjoying the process it means that you not doing something with full heart and soul.

Analyze before doing a particular activity that are you enjoying it or not.

Never fell yourself inferior to others

Everyone has different interests in a variety of fields. It doesn’t mean that you underestimate yourself on the basis of marks, money or achievements. Keep doing what you love and make a career around it.

Sometimes you will feel that you are a loser in your career because you are not able to score well or do a particular thing correctly.

The solution is to master your own field and kill it out.

Tips for career growth in College

Take feedbacks than criticism

Do not criticize anyone and give solutions that how they can improve. Criticizing the other person is a lose-lose situation. But giving the improving point as feedback is a win-win situation.

The vice-versa is also applicable, if someone is criticizing you then take it as feedback instead of pointing out their mistakes. Trust me this is the strongest tip that will help you create a non-judgemental environment.

The 10th tip is the extension of the 9th tip. Adapt the good habits of others rather than pointing out their bad habits. Let’s learn a good habit from each other. Comment your best habit and help others to adopt it.

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